What is Physical Therapy?


What is physical therapy?




Physical Therapy: What is it?


You may feel you already have an understanding of physical therapy but you just might be surprised when you come to see how in depth this professional practice really is.

Physical therapy and physical therapists have been around for a very long time. In fact, these practitioners were the first to ever form a professional organization. This happened a long time ago in the 1800’s. This foundation is now called the American Physical Therapy Association in America.

This professional organization enhances and promotes the practice of physical therapy, focusing on professionalism and the provision of excellent care for their clients.

Physical Therapists

Physical therapists played a big part in the care and rehabilitation of military members during both World Wars. Physical therapists will help anyone they can. Regardless of origin of the problem, their goal is to assist and improve mobility and function to whatever part of the body that’s in need. The therapist works with the client themselves as they are the most important part of the client focused treatment. Their physical therapist works with them in resolving or improving things like back pain or muscle stiffness.

Physical Therapists are highly trained professionals with university degrees and often acquire even further specialisation training. One of these specializations is that of Sports therapy where the focus is on athletes, assisting in the treatment of their injuries sustained while participating in their sport.

Basic treatments for back pain and arthritis involve both the therapist and patient.  Your therapist comes armed with a wide variety of treatments and modalities from massage to electrical stimulation. The underlying purpose is to reduce pain, stiffness and welling.

A treatment is never complete until the client has been educated on how they can help themselves while home.  Improvement will occur faster when the client participates in their treatment. In many cases, the client goes home with instructions and diagrams for exercises and treatments so they can accelerate their success.

If you ever have the need for a surgical procedure, you’ll find that physical therapy is part of your recovery program. The addition of this service helps to reduce recovery time. Everything starts with a referral from your attending physician. Treatment always involves a team of experts so you can be assured you are in good hands.

The length of time you may need physical therapy will depend on how quickly you respond to treatment.

AS mentioned above, your treatment won’t be only at the office or in the hospital. You must be an active participant in your own recovery too. Your recover will continues on at the home and It’s for this reason that the therapists instruct patients in proper exercise and techniques.

Physical Therapy-Summary

In conclusion, Physical Therapy is used for restoration and rehabilitation of movement, improved range of motion and hopefully a level of normalcy So what is physical therapy? Basically put, physical therapy is the restoration and rehabilitation of movement and increasing range of motion and after injury or illness.